Diabetes Waitemata

Waitemata DHB offers dedicated clinics for young adults (16-25yrs) living with diabetes. You can be seen if you have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Clinics are held at our North Shore Clinic in Takapuna and also at the Whanau Centre in Henderson.

Click on the either clinic below to find out more information:

North Shore Clinics

West Auckland Clinics


We are a team made up of Doctors, Nurses, Dietitians and Health Psychologists who specialise in diabetes and have an interest in meeting the needs of the young adult population with Diabetes.


The young adult diabetes service offers help and advice for those living with diabetes who transfer from paediatric services or who are diagnosed before the age of 23 years. After 25 years of age you will move into our regular adult diabetes services at Waitemata, but you can choose you to do this sooner if this fits in better with your life- just ask the YA team about this.

Living with diabetes can be pretty tough, especially when you have many other things to manage such as peer/family pressure, studying, looking for work, somewhere to live, paying bills and all the other commitments/stresses that you come up against. We aim to offer you support and advice to help you manage your diabetes around your life so it isn’t a big stress point for you and you can achieve good control independently. If ever you feel overwhelmed by living with diabetes please let us know so that we can help.


Problems with HIGH or LOW blood sugars. We can help you work out what the problem is.

DAFNE courses which help you learn about your diabetes and help you manage all aspects of your diabetes

PUMPS– if you are on a pump or interested in using one we can help with this.

DIET– if you need advice on your diet, carbohydrate counting or weight
problems then we are happy to offer advice.

EXERCISE– any form of exercise/activity can have an effect on your diabetes.Whatever your level of activity (or want it to be) we can help you manage your blood glucose levels around this.

SICK DAYS– feeling under the weather and/or your diabetes seem out of control we can help with this.

SEX, DRUGS and ROCK & ROLL– all these things can have an impact on your diabetes so it’s good to be well informed as to how to deal with them so you know what to do to reduce potential problems. Don’t feel shy- remember knowledge is power (and freedom).

APPOINTMENTS – as often as you need.


EYE SCREENING– you will have eye screening in your local area. Please attend these appointments as they are really important to check your eyes are healthy. Early detection is essential to help keep your eyes healthy.

BLOOD TESTS– once a year you will have your annual review bloods. These are important to check everything is going OK in your body. You will also need regular HbA1c. This is normally done 3 monthly and you may be sent a blood form in the post along with your appointment letter. Please try to have these bloods taken before you come to clinic.


You can get a prescription when you see the Doctor at the diabetes clinic. You may need to see your GP in between these appointments to get repeat prescriptions. Please keep an eye on your medication levels so you don’t run out.



Contact Phone lines answered 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday
09 4868920 ext. 2505

Postal address- Diabetes service
North Shore Hospital
Shea Terrace
Takapuna 0740


Contact Phone lines answered 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday
09 4868920 ext. 2505

Postal address- Diabetes service
North Shore Hospital
Shea Terrace
Takapuna 0740




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