Diabetes Food Police

You know the scenario – you’re about to put a beautiful piece of chocolate cake on your plate in a crowded gathering and all of a sudden this person says (feels like they shout it!) “you can’t eat that!”. What to do?

Do you:

  • Make it an educational moment when you bore them rigid with complicated explanations of carbohydrate metabolism and insulin requirements?
  • Think “they mean well” and put it back?
  • Think “get lost” and eat it anyway?
  • Walk off and sulk?
  • Suck it up, do it anyway (and enjoy it!) and have a quiet word with them later?

You could link them to Diabetes Etiquette found on http://www.behavioraldiabetes.org

Lots of blog on this topic! Google Diabetes Food Police.


Remember: it is your diabetes, you’re in charge and you have options:

  • Educate people
  • Ask them to encourage you, not judge and embarrass you
  • Have good control so you know it’s ok to eat whatever and cover it with insulin
  • Get a best friend / partner / spouse/sibling /whoever as your support coach and ditch The Nagger
  • Give a straightforward short answer and don’t get into debate

More Info for Whānau

whatisdiabetes  issues  support

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