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Using a correction factor


This is a method to estimate:

How much will 1unit of my rapid acting insulin (Novorapid / Humalog / Apidra) lower my blood glucose level (BGL)?

When will you use it?

To increase your usual insulin dose to correct high blood glucose levels at:

  • meal times
  • unexpected highs between meals
  • at bedtime but a HALF correction is recommended at this time of the day until you are confident it is working for you



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Remember – your rapid acting insulin has approximately a 3 hour duration

SO if you have given a bolus at – for example 12 midday – by 1pm you have used up 30% and there is 70% remaining.

By 2pm you have used up 60% and there is 40% remaining.

By 3pm you have used up 90% and there is 10% remaining – NOW is a good time to correct a blood glucose level that is higher than you want it to be.

If you had corrected at 2pm with 40% still remaining (active insulin on board) then you must take that into account by working out how many units are still active from the 12 midday bolus and subtracting it from the correction you want to give now. Maybe it is safer for you to wait an hour (3 hours = 90% used up) and test to see if you are still above target. If you are correct and reduce that risk of hypo that comes from stacking boluses!

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