The following is an excerpt from a book Carrie Hetherington is writing. Carrie is in her mid 20s and has type 1 diabetes. She is amazing, full of energy, always got new ideas, started the petition on Caresens meters, now an ambassador for International Diabetes Federation (IDF), has written a book for kids newly diagnosed with type 1 and is now doing this book which isn’t out yet but you get a preview with her permission… and then when it is finally published we will let you know and you can buy it and help Carrie make millions (haha)!!

“You may be a man, a woman, a teenager, or a grandparent. You might have one husband, three wives, be divorced 6 times, or be relishing and enjoying your singledom. Whatever your current situation might entail, you have probably thought about dating at some point in your life. Even if it was giving your hand in marriage to your primary school sweetheart on the netball court with daisy chains and buttercups as your bouquet; truly believing you had married your soulmate.

Some may think dating is fun, some find it exciting or awkward, and some lock themselves inside, terrified by people and the world, refusing to step outside the front gate. My dear reader, if you are unfortunate enough to fall into the latter, you may need some extra support from a more qualified source!

It doesn’t matter if you live in England, New Zealand, or a yurt in the middle of Mongolia, we know that diabetes does not discriminate. When you confront dating and you have a naughty misbehaving pancreas, topped off with a reliance upon gadgets and tubing most ‘normal’ people have never laid eyes upon, things can begin to get tricky. Dating seems to take on a whole new dimension and questions we never previously considered somehow become the focus of our whole universe.

‘How do I tell my boyfriend / girlfriend?’

‘What if my syringes or pump make them run away?’

‘What if they take pity on me or treat me like an invalid?’

If you’re a teenager and you add in those self conscious pangs of low esteem…ok, scrap that, it doesn’t matter how old you are, that can happen to the best of us! Things can really begin to feel daunting for some people.

Most diabetics face this chronic, unpredictable little gremlin of a disease 24 hours a day, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future until that blissful cure is discovered. Until then we must smile, find a silver lining in every moment and band together in laughter. Thriving, surviving and clinging to our sanity, or what little may remain of it.

This book was written to make you giggle hysterically, grin from ear to ear…maybe even shed a tear and hold your sides. To make you feel beautiful/handsome and confident, and approach those niggling questions with gusto, knowing that most diabetics will all face them at some point along their varied journeys, and you are never alone.

If you have found the love of your life, well you can have a jolly good laugh at the ridiculous predicaments the rest of us have confessed to end up in and count your blessings that you have survived this period of your journey. Congratulations.

Happy reading dear friends!


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