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At school it’s a good idea to make sure the school is aware that you have type 1 diabetes. Either you, your parents or your diabetes nurse should do some education with the teachers, especially the PE teacher so they know how to help you if you have a low at school or are unwell. Your diabetes nurse can provide a management plan for the school that is individualised to you.

You should have a hypo box at school with some form of glucose in it (Vita tabs, Dextrotabs, Mentos, juice boxes), some follow up carb (biscuits, small muesli bars) and a Glucagen kit (orange box). This can be kept at the office, usually the best place for high schools as you are changing classrooms all the time. You should also have a civil defence kit at school in case of emergency. You need to arrange to keep insulin in a fridge, some test strips and some extra carb foods (tinned beans, tinned rice pudding, muesli bars etc). It’s your responsibility to check the expiry dates on your insulin and test strips.

Once you are doing NCEA credits you need an exam letter for special conditions which your diabetes nurse can supply. You are registered with NZQA. If you have a hypo during the exam, for example, you can use the evidence on your meter (dated and timed correctly!) for any claim afterwards.

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Massey University, Wellington


In Wellington, the Health and Counselling Services are combined and operate as a single service providing professional medical and counselling services to students.


The Student Health and Counselling Centre offers high-quality holistic health care. Holistic health care has a direct relationship with educational excellence and is dedicated to promoting the development of students to their highest potential. The health centre’s policies and practices are designed to provide a safe, professional and private environment and to support students’ goals through independent thought, freedom from ignorance, understanding of self, and by ethical conduct. The clinic is accessible, welcoming and cost effective to all Massey students.

The centre is staffed by doctors and nurses, counsellors, a physiotherapist and a nutritionist. It offers a general practice service, including ACC, sexual health and family planning consultations.

The Student Counselling Service at Massey Wellington offers a confidential, professional service dealing with issues such as relationships, self-esteem, grief, anger management, sexuality and abuse. All counsellors are members of a professional body and follow the appropriate Code of Ethics.

Counselling offers an opportunity for you to talk to someone who will listen without judging you. We offer a private, free and confidential service and look forward to meeting you during your time at Massey Wellington.


All current students are entitled to access the health and counselling service. SHCC is part of a PHO (Capital Primary Health Organisation). Students choose to either ‘enrol’ with SHCC or be seen as a ‘casual’ patient (enrolment means that you choose SHCC to be your main provider of primary health whilst you are at University). Enrolment forms are available at the centre or can be downloaded here.


Most students are entitled to a community services card. An application form is available at the Centre. You must have already sent in your completed application form to be eligible for a free doctor’s appointment.


If you have any ongoing medical conditions – eg asthma, epilepsy or diabetes – please inform the nurse at the SHCC as soon as possible. This is in order to provide you with the most appropriate treatment in the event of an emergency.


Student Health Centre (SHCC) Third Floor, Student Services Building, Wellington


Tel: (04) 801-2542 or ext 62211 Fax: (04) 801-2547


Normal Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8.30am to 4.30pm
During Semester Break: Mon – Fri 9am to 4pm



The After Hours Medical Centre 17 Adelaide Road, Newtown Tel: (04) 384 4944
Healthline : 0800 611 116

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Victoria University, Wellington


Excellent student focused care and support is available for students who have Type I diabetes at Victoria University of Wellington.

If you are a current student at Victoria you can register as a patient at the Student Health Service and almost all of your diabetes health care including laboratory tests can be completed on campus.

Our Diabetes team includes GPs Dr Cathy Stephenson Dr Sandra Bennett, and Practice Nurse Amanda Trueman. Kirsty Newton, Diabetes Nurse Specialist from the Diabetes Clinic at Wellington Hospital, visits the Service every three to four weeks during Trimester I and Trimester II. Dr Jeremy Krebs, Clinical Leader of Diabetes and Endocrinology Service at Capital & Coast District Health Board, sees students at our clinic on the Kelburn campus at 7 Friday morning clinics which are held throughout the academic year.

We have regular coffee meetings and education sessions including carbohydrate counting, healthy nutrition, alcohol and type I, and there is a Facebook group too.

Students have direct email and text access to Amanda which makes it easier to arrange repeat prescriptions, or when you need a new meter or insulin pen, or you are feeling unwell.

The work of the Diabetes Team at the Student Health Service was featured in the Nursing Review magazine. Check it out.

We also work closely with other services at Victoria to ensure students are able to access dental care, medic alert membership, are able to sit university examinations where they are can check their blood glucose level and eat and drink.

The Student Health Service provides full primary health care for all your other health care needs too, and for students who register as patients there is no charge for routine nurse and doctor appointments.

The Student Health Service is strongly committed to providing students who have Type I diabetes with the best nursing and medical health care possible. We want students to enjoy their time at Victoria, to achieve academically while also safely and effectively managing their health.

More information about Student Health Service is available.

If you are considering studying at Victoria University of Wellington and you would like to visit or talk with Catherine at the Student Health Service please give her a call on 04 463 5308.

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More on My Diabetes

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