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Here you can find information and resources that talk about Type 1 diabetes. Give your mates some information too, and even your parents.

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http://www.diabeteslive.co.nz is a website that developed out of some research I did on the transition of teens from the adolescent diabetes clinic to the young adults’ diabetes clinic.

Although the website is connected to Capital & Coast District Health Board in the greater Wellington region, it has generic diabetes-specific information on it for any young person to access. It is suitable for their friends, partners and parents if they want to understand what type 1 diabetes is, how to support someone and understand how many things a young person with diabetes is actually juggling!

I can’t offer diabetes management advice over the internet but I am happy for you to give feedback about the website and its content via the Facebook page. If you have any ideas for content it would be great to hear from you.

—Kirsty Newton, diabetes nurse specialist, Wellington

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